Illustrator & Designer

Hello, I'm Carolyn

I'm the illustrator and designer behind Paperpaintpixels. I hope you enjoy browsing through my shop and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.

Lovely to meet you!

After working as a graphic designer it was creating hand drawn gifts for friends and family that spurred me to start my business.  I've always been inspired with an intense curiousity of our wonderful world, and Paperpaintpixels creates whimsical & cheerful art prints, to add enrichement and joy to children who are growing up and parents who bringing up.

At my heart is a love of learning and having fun, with a timeless sense of style plus a little added vintage zest... My prints are designed to sparkle curiousity with added comfort & joy.

I've sold thousands of alphabets & wall art prints world- wide through online stores and in person markets.

I want to enable connection with a smile through beautiful, sweet & unique illustrations. My range of prints add a little extra joy to your family and I want to  create items for your loved ones to treasure.



My love of animals and the natural world drives my work and business and is at the heart of everything I do.

I've been working towards using recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging where possible and I'm dedicated to improving the sustainability of my business as I grow.

-The fine art cotton rag paper used is part of the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Scheme. A percetange of the cost is used to plant trees.

- I use FSC Certified, acid free tissue paper to wrap all of my prints. 

- I use Kraft tape which is fully recyclable and free from animal products.

- I use Biodegradable and Compostable cello bags which are made from vegetable starch. 

-The orders are packed in 100% recycled cardboard envelopes and boxes.

- I try to repurpose packaging from our supplier deliveries and encourage our suppliers to go plastic free where possible.

The only single use plastic I use in the packaging is the recycled plastic end caps of the tubes I package the prints in. I'm looking for a solution!!

Originally from just North of London, I have been trained in Textile Design and I’ve worked in the design industry as a web & graphic designer. I now live in a quiet and rural and beautiful part of South Somerset, UK with my husband and our three not so little ones ( My eldest are now at university- where did the time go!) and our lovely dog Florence.