Illustrator & Designer

Hello, I'm Carolyn

I'm the illustrator and designer behind Paperpaintpixels. I hope you enjoy browsing through my shop and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.


I'm and illustrator, graphic and textile designer living in south Somerset UK. 

I love textured, patterned, happy & timeless designs that appeal to children and adults alike. I try to create every day - drawing, making and designing - I love the idea that my prints might bring a bit of joy into your life.

I really care about the world we live in and have made eco choices throughout my business making sure all my packaging is as plastic free as possible and my cards, prints and notebooks are 100% recycled or FSC Certified coming from renewable sources.


In 2012, Our family got their first dog, and I was in love! I wanted to celebrate everything special about our four legged friend, but as I shopped around for pet related items I was disappointed with the range and style. So taking time out from my web designer day job, I decided to create a range of personalised dog breed prints and Paperpaintpixels was born! I gave them to my dog loving friends and more and more people inquired and my online Etsy store was opened. After being featured in Buzzfeed, my prints began going quickly and I couldn’t believe how fulfilling connecting with customers and creating personalised prints was. As friends were having new babies I decided to create some artwork especially for their precious new arrivals and so my journey into creating Children's Alphabets and Artwork began. Soon the kids ranges took over and I took the difficult decision to take the Pet Prints off the market for the time being.


Today as I create personalised prints for customers across the globe I wanted to explain why I use the ‘My Alphabet” or Personalised title on my prints. I was the first seller on Etsy to introduce these print option to illustrated alphabet prints. Now there are hundreds of different sellers designing alphabet prints with personalisation to choose from. I’m so pleased that they have been popular.

I started creating the prints as for friends little ones and I’m super interested in early learning and communication. Adding a sense of curiosity and a desire to learn is a lifelong gift. So adding the ‘my alphabet’ or name personalisation to the alphabets was to encourage little ones in the first steps of learning. If you add a sense of ownership then there is an automatic bond, link and lift in interest and curiosity. As the owner of the print, you are automatically more interested in finding out what these pictures and shapes are all about, as they are yours ! 💕💕💕


As Paperpaintpixels grows, I want to ensure that the initial feelings behind the inception of the prints, those of love and thoughtfulness , of giving gifts to friends and family continue to be at the core of the brand. I aim to fuse joy and curiosity together for babies, kids and their families through beautiful, personal wall art and other products. The illustrations are created from original artwork on paper and digital media. I want to bring together a timeless sense of style and designs to treasure as a special gift from a best friend. I want to sparkle a little joy and to bring to life the love in those small moments of the day.

Paperpaintpixels is:

Curious Always curious

Fresh Thinking always looking to do things better

Joyful  in everything

Kind to my customers and the planet


Originally from just North of London, I have been trained in Textile Design and I’ve worked in the design industry as a web & graphic designer. I now live in a quiet and rural and beautiful part of South Somerset, UK with my husband, Geoff, and our three not so little ones ( My eldest are now at university- where did the time go!) and of course the dog Florence.

The studio at home is the location for all the work (see top picture) – I create all the artwork here, drawing and sketching as well as printing, packing and answering all the customer inquiries.  I have a professional Canon Pro 100 printer & use Chromalife Inks, Premium Quality Professional Archival Museum Quality Matte Paper to create the best print possible for you.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my shop. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or comments.

Thanks for browsing!