4 Colours: Lovin' the Colours of the Personalised Initial Prints

Four Colours of Personalised Name Prints by Paperpaintpixels

From baby showers to Naming Ceremonies and even that very special first birthday, my adorable collection of personalised name art helps to celebrate your little ones. 

These fun initial & illustration nursery name prints are a super way to announce the arrival of a New Baby, each letter & illustration has been drawn by Carolyn and they are giclée printed on luxurious fine art card.

As well as the name, you can add a date, weight or short message at the bottom of the print.

These gorgeous initial prints come in four fresh colours: Mint, Pink, Blue and Red.

Delve a little deeper and find out some interesting facts about the history of these fabulous colours.

Personalised Name Print- Letter E in Mint by Paperpaintpixels

1: Mint Colour

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Being one of the colours that represents the natural world, the colour green has been around since the beginning of time. During the middle ages, in the west, green was strongly linked with the rituals of spring, wearing leafy garlands and green clothing to signify the end of winter. Lighter shades of green, such as mint, are much more modern as the pigments were very difficult to mix.The first recording of the term Mint to describe a light spring green was in the 1920’s.

Today the colour green is used to represent tranquillity, health, and good luck. It's associated with freshness and creativity. People who favour the colour mint tend to be creative, and open minded. 

Personalised Name Print- Letter W in Pink by Paperpaintpixels

2:Pink Colour

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Even though it has been recognised since ancient times, the colour pink was not fashionable throughout history until the 18th century when pastel colours became popular.

Unlike today, in the 19th century,  pink was usually worn by boys due to it being a shade of pale red, which was reminiscent of the colour of military uniforms.

 Only since the mid 20th Century has pink been associated with femininity and women, due to new synthetic dyes and a popularity of pink clothing.

According to colour psychology, pink is a positive colour that represents compassion and love. The colour pink is a sign of hope, and it evokes comforting feelings.


Personalised Name Print- Letter Q in Blue by Paperpaintpixels

3:Blue Colour

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The history of colour blue shows that blue pigments were originally made from minerals such as cobalt and azurite. From ancient times, blue has been undervalued by western societies. The Romans thought blue was associated with barbarians, mourning and misfortune. In the middle ages though, came a change in Blue’s fortunes and it became a very popular colour, with some thinking it divine!

A recent survey conducted across 10 different countries has found that blue is the most popular colour by a long way. 

Calmness and peace are two words that come to mind when thinking about the colour blue. It is a non-aggressive colour that encourages serenity, orderliness, and tranquillity.

Pastel blue is a soothing, warm colour that represents neutrality. Like other pastels, it evokes a sense of calmness and balance.


Personalised Initial Name Print - Letter X in Red


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The colour red is the first colour that humans mastered, fabricated, reproduced, and broke down into different shades. Ancient Egyptians and Romans dyed cloth in various shades of red. Roman Generals wore bright red cloaks and has been worn by soldiers ever since. During the Middle ages, bright red or Scarlet pigment was created from kermes beetles  and was very expensive to produce and consequently made bright red gowns the cloth of kings and queens. 

The colour red is passionate, warm and vibrant. It is the colour of romance and anger. Red is energizing and can provoke strong emotions.

Personalise Your Prints

Whichever colour you choose, they are all adorable - I do think the mint is my personal favourite though. To get your personalised initial print shop  here: 

Pink Letter E- Personalised Initial Print by Paperpapintpixels

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