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5 Easy Steps to Create a Montessori Playroom for your Child
Creating a Montessori-style playroom can transform how your child learns and plays. By focusing on independence, freedom within limits, and a connection with natural materials, a Montessori playroom encourages hands-on learning and self-directed activity. Here’s how you can design this...
Creating a Montessori Play Area: Transform Your Child's Play Space into a Hub of Learning and Growth

Transform a corner of your home into a Montessori-inspired wonderland where your children can flourish. It's not just a play space; it's a nurturing environment designed for independence, focus, and skill-building. With an emphasis on simplicity and purpose, our Montessori playroom guide will show you how to create an enriching experience that combines play with learning.


Buzzing with Life: The Plight of Bees and How You Can Make a Difference
Did you know there are an estimated 4000 species of insect pollinators in the UK? From bumblebees to butterflies, these fascinating creatures play a crucial role in our ecosystem. However, their populations have seen a drastic decline of 75% in...
Personalised Initial Prints - Elevate Your Nursery Decor with Paper Paint Pixels - #makeitunique
Are you searching for the perfect gift to welcome a new baby into the world or to celebrate a baby shower? Look no further than a personalised inital print from PaperPaintPixels #MakeItUnique! My speciality is creating customised initial prints that are the perfect addition to any nursery wall art.
6 Cool Animal Nursery Prints for Curious Kids
An animal nursery theme is a great place to start when decorating a baby’s room. Surrounding your little one's with gorgeous animal prints is sure to make them fall in love with animals as they grow.     1: Safari Theme Nursery ...
Safari Nursery Decor - 11 Gorgeous Finds To Create Your Perfect Modern Nursery
Designing a Modern Safari Nursery? Are you based in the UK? I’ve rounded up 11 gorgeous decor items to help you create a beautiful gender-neutral safari nursery  for your baby— no interior designer required!  And all available in the UK.
Bees & Butterflies Art- An A-Z
My new nursery alphabet print is all about celebrating the natural world. I wanted to bring these beautiful mini beasts together along with the flowers they love in one of my Alphabet Posters.
Earth Tone Dinosaur Alphabet Print
Dinosaur Alphabet Print An Earth Tone palette is on trend at the moment, due to it's warm yet calming colours. I'm really super happy to share my new dino print in this new earth tone palette. 🦖🦕🌍 With Beige, Green,...
4 Colours: Lovin' the Colours of the Personalised Initial Prints
From baby showers to Naming Ceremonies and even that very special first birthday, my adorable collection of personalised name art helps to celebrate your little ones.  These fun initial & illustration nursery name prints are a super way to announce...
  I couldn't resist putting together some baby room inspiration based around the nostalgic, warm tones of autumn, which reminds me of walks in the woods crunching leaves as we go.  Keep the walls white to make it modern - maybe...
Style a Jungle Nursery

There are some lovely ideas around for styling a little ones room. Here are A few little ideas for lovely accessories that will add a modern stylish finishing touch to your jungle nursery! ⁣