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Perfect Dinosaur Prints for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

Amazing Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are some of the most amazing creatures ever discovered. They were first found in 1822 when a doctor named Gideon Mantell discovered a fossilised tooth of what he thought was a new species of crocodile. It turned out to be a dinosaur. From then on they have fascinated scientists and public alike. Scientists have learned more about them and how they lived and most recently there have been some amazing new discoveries about dinosaurs being the ancestors of bird and perhaps having feathers.

Dinosaur Prints

My brilliant range of dinosaurs prints features a colourful array of prehistoric dinos along side some super duper personalised prints perfect for any dinosaur enthusiast.  All dinosaurs are drawn accurate in name and anatomically but I do take creative license on colours and patterns! 

These bespoke, colourful educational & personalised prints will complement the wall of any aspiring palaeontologists or style-conscious nurseries and playrooms. A great gift for baby showers, christenings, birthdays and Christmas.

Personalise Your Prints

Browse through my selection of personalised dinosaur posters( they make the print even more special):

Dinosaur Name Print

Be the Dinosaur Print Set

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